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Supervise Your MRI System, any Time, any Place

IDTMs unique MagReMon System enables you to monitor your MRI System at any time, at any place,
as long there is an internet connection available. It does not matter if the MRI system is in a fixed installation,
in a mobile setting or stored in a warehouse.
MagReMon monitors the most important values of the magnets cooling chain and sends them to our server
where the data is evaluated and via web access presented to you.
MagReMon compares the monitored values with warning and alarm levels and will issue warning
and alarm messages via E-Mail, if one of the monitored values reaches or exceeds its threshold.
You can monitor your MRI system from your office computer (Mac or PC), your notebook computer or
with any tablet computer or smartphone as long as you have an internet connection.
The following values are monitored by MagReMon (if provided by the actual MRI system):
Helium Level, Shield Temperatures, Cooling Water Temperatures, Magnet Pressure

MagReMon Keyfacts:

System and Site Evaluations

As you know, it is always difficult to get detailed and reliable specifications of MRI, CT
and PET/CT systems that were sold either by the OEM trade desks, by hospitals or by most brokers.
And it is even more difficult, if the system is located abroad.
For companies without detailed technical knowledge of the above systems it is quite impossible
to get reliable and detailed specifications.
The solution to this problem would be to have somebody independent evaluating the system and
generate a detailed report with pictures of the system components and even check the outtake
route for the system components. This would enable you to get a better picture of the systems
you are going to buy including the expected expenses for the rigging of the system components
and therefore a lot better chances to market the system upfront.

IDTM offers such High Quality System and Site Evaluations (MR, CT, PET, PET/CT) including

  • Evaluation of the System
  • Check of the Removal Path for the System Components
  • Detailed Report with Pictures of the System Components

Please contact us for Sample Reports.


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