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* System Evaluations

As you know, it is always difficult to get detailed and reliable specifications of MRI, CT and PET/CT systems that were sold either by the OEM trade desks, by hospitals or by most brokers. And it was even more difficult, if the system is located abroad. For companies without detailed technical knowledge of the above systems it is quite impossible to get reliable and detailed specifications.

The solution to this problem would be to have somebody independent evaluating the system and generate a detailed report with pictures of the system components and even check the outtake route for the system components. This would enable you to get a better picture of the systems you are going to buy including the expected expenses for the rigging of the system components and therefore a lot better chances to market the system upfront.

IDTM offers such High Quality System and Site Evaluations (MR, CT, PET, PET/CT) including
  • Evaluation of the System
  • Check of the Exit Path for the System Components
  • Detailed Report with Pictures of the System Components

For your information you can download some sample report that we have done recently. To maintain the privacy of the customer, we have removed all sensible information such as serial numbers, addresses, etc. and have modified some pictures so you can’t see details but will be able to get an idea, what such a report looks like.
Fuzzy looking pictures are caused by high compression to minimize download times. The original reports will come with high quality pictures.